Werewolf: War Against the Pure

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Werewolf: War Against the Pure
Ethan Skemp
Type: eBook
Released: 2007
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing
Page Count: 220
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1588463397
ISBN-13: 9781588463395
"We stand as brothers and sisters tonight.Werewolf: War Against the ... Textbook Pack beside pack, rival beside rival, bound by blood and moon against the forces that would come here and murder us all and our kin. Someday we may have the luxury of fighting amongst ourselves again, but not tonight. Tonight we are one. Tonight we go to war." --Ruth Hundred-Scars, Blood Talon This book includes: * Tactics, tools, weaponry and other information for running large-scale covert wars between the werewolves and their many enemies * Details on the Silver Crusade chronicle hook, where Luna more directly empowers the werewolves to make war * Guidelines for historical war stories, from prehistory to the 20th century * A potential new rival faction in the form of five new beast-shifters and the rules to create and integrate as many more as appropriate War Against the Pure is a supplement for Werewolf: The Forsaken.

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