Understanding Chess Move by Move

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Understanding Chess Move by Move
John Nunn
Type: eBook
Released: 2001
Publisher: Gambit Publications
Page Count: 240
Format: djvu
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1901983412
ISBN-13: 9781901983418
John Nunn is one of the most highly regarded chess writers in the world. Understanding Chess Move by Move available in English. Understanding Chess Move by ... Textbook He has carefully selected thirty modern games to help the reader understand the most important aspects of chess and to illustrate modern chess principles in action. Virtually every move is explained using words that everyone can understand. Jargon is avoided as far as possible. Almost all the examples are taken from the 1990s and show how key ideas are handled by the grandmasters of today. The emphasis is on general principles that readers will be able to use in their own games, and detailed analysis is only given where it is necessary. Each game contains many lessons, but to guide the reader through the most important ideas in each phase of the game, the thirty games are grouped thematically into those highlighting opening, middlegame and endgame themes. From the Publisher Gambit Publications specialises in chess and has an unrivalled reputation for originality and editorial excellence. The company is owned and staffed entirely by leading chess masters and grandmasters.

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