Theory of Groups and Its Application to Physical Problems

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Application of the theory of groups to the solution of physical problems is known to have been quite fruitful. The Author of this Book is This subject has acquired considerable importance in recent years and some literature has grown around it. Array ISBN . The authors have felt that physicists will stand to gain by making an extensive use of this powerful tool of investigation in their efforts and have accordingly undertaken the writing of this book, prompted by the feeling that there is no connected account in the English language dealing with the important applications of group theory. Theory of Groups and Its Application to Physical Problems available in English. This book is intended as an introductory study of the theory of groups to a person who has no easy access to an orthodox mathematical treatise on the subject for the purpose of making hirn understand the method of applying the same to various problems and appreciate the advantages thereof. There are, of course, many standard works dealing with the mathematical theory of groups but only a few articles have been written which deal with the physical aspect and that too scattered in different journals.

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