The Sportsman: Unexpected Lessons from an Around-the-World Sports Odyssey

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Now in his 11th season in the NFL, Dhani Jones has had an unusually long career for a football player. The Author of this Book is Dhani Jones, Jonathan Grotenstein Just a few years ago, however, Dhani thought his playing days were over. Array ISBN . Cut by the Eagles and the Saints, he was at a professional crossroads. The Sportsman: Unexpected Lessons from an Around-the-World Sports Odyssey available in English. When the Bengals called, though, he was more than ready and in the best shape of his life. And for that, he credits his off-season. The Sportsman follows Dhani’s discovery that the parts of his life that, to many, seemed to be distractions— including an off-season TV show that sent him around the world to learn and compete in other sports—actually served to cross-train him in ways he’d never imagined, enabling him to become more grounded, globally aware, and, most surprisingly, a much better football player. Part travelogue, part workout guide, part Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Sportsman is an invigorating account of Dhani’s global sporting adventures and the lessons he has learned along the way. From dragon boat racing in Singapore to carrying 300-pound rocks in Iceland to biking in Italy, Dhani’s adventures taught him to be tougher, smarter, and stronger than ever. The Sportsman is a reminder that by connecting to the world through its people and customs and the spirit of competition, we empower ourselves in ways that can surpass our craziest expectations.

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