The 731 Legacy

Format Post in Medical BY Joe Moore, Lynn Sholes

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Title:The 731 Legacy free ebook download Date2008-10-08 Language:English Format:pdf,epub,mobi,lit,rtf,lrf,html,txt Size:4.00 MB Description:A dying man, ravaged with disease and bleeding from his eyes, nose, and mouth, makes his way to SNN headquarters, where he delivers a mysterious message to Cotten Stone with his final breath "Black needles." Black Needles was the code name for an ultra-secret Japanese WWII experiment using a deadly and ghastly ancient virus. Now Cotten must race against time to find those responsible for unleashing the virus upon the world once again. While battling the forces of evil, Cotten fights for her soul as the Nephilim attack the person she loves most in the world Cardinal John Tyler. Download The 731 Legacy free ebook download

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