The FIRM - Fast & Firm Series - Hips, Thighs and Abs

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The author of The FIRM - Fast & Firm Series - Hips, Thighs and Abs is The FIRM - Fast & Firm Series - Hips, Thighs and Abs English | DVDRip | AVI / DivX 1586 Kbps | 592Ñ…448 | 29.This title is available at BookMoving on 's eBooks, 97 fps | AC3 192 kbps | 35 mins | 454 MB Genre: eLearning Pam Cauthen Meriwether leads this great toning DVD.The FIRM - Fast & ... Textbook, course, ebook, pdf, download at bookmoving It is divided into two sections. The first leads you through a series of hip and thigh exercises. There is a lot of variety in this segment - you'll work on the floor, on top of your step, and on an incline. This is definitely challenging and had me sweating. The abs section is even more challenging. The work on the incline is very advanced, although there are beginner modifications you can make. This is a workout that I will have to grow into. In order to do all of the exercises as demonstrated, you will need the new firm box or a step that adjusts to 14" and an incline. The sculpting stick and a set of dumbbells are also used. If you didn't have the sculpting stick, you could use dumbbells or even a broom stick. Screenshot Download Filesonic http://www.filesonic/file/ZVVWm0B/The.Firm.Fast.Firm.Series.Hips.Thighs.and.Abs.part1.rar http://www.filesonic/file/WbbjvSD/The.Firm.Fast.Firm.Series.Hips.Thighs.and.Abs.part2.rar Download Uploading http://uploading/files/b36582fm/The.Firm.Fast.Firm.Series.Hips.Thighs.and.Abs.part1.rar/ http://uploading/files/7fd3f689/The.Firm.Fast.Firm.Series.Hips.Thighs.and.Abs.part2.rar/ Download Filejungle http://www.filejungle/f/CHmDYr/The.Firm.Fast.Firm.Series.Hips.Thighs.and.Abs.part1.rar http://www.filejungle/f/J89g7z/The.Firm.Fast.Firm.Series.Hips.Thighs.and.Abs.part2.rar

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