The FIRM - Body Sculpting System 2 - Complete Aerobics & Weight Training

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The author of The FIRM - Body Sculpting System 2 - Complete Aerobics & Weight Training is The FIRM - Body Sculpting System 2 - Complete Aerobics & Weight Training English | DVDRip | AVI / DivX 1261 Kbps | 592Ñ…448 | 29.This title is available at BookMoving on 's eBooks, 97 fps | AC3 192 kbps | 62 mins | 651 MB Genre: eLearning Combines and sequences fat-burning and body-sculpting moves for an efficient, time-saving workout! The FIRM's signature program, Complete Aerobics & Weight Training makes the most of each workout! The FIRM delivers a combination total-body workout that blasts fat and reshapes your body like no other workout can! FIRM Master Instructor Emily Welsh guides you through this fun mix of total-body, muscle-shaping, fat-burning moves for a complete workout in less than one hour! This workout includes more than 40 minutes of body-shaping interval training.The FIRM - Body Sculpting ... Textbook, course, ebook, pdf, download at bookmoving We sequence the upper- and lower-body moves so that you shape muscles while you burn fat! You'll also condition your heart throughout this workout! The variety doesn't stop there - aerobic segments are interspersed to keep the heart rate up and burn even more calories and fat. Plus it introduces new, low-impact kickboxing moves for maximum benefit without impact. A 9-minute chest and ab routine on the floor and an extra-long 5-minute stretch are the perfect ending! Screenshot Download Filesonic http://www.filesonic/file/cuuBklx/The.Firm.Body.Sculpting.System.2.Complete.Aerobics.Weight.Training.part1.rar http://www.filesonic/file/FFFmhn3/The.Firm.Body.Sculpting.System.2.Complete.Aerobics.Weight.Training.part2.rar http://www.filesonic/file/u22CU2a/The.Firm.Body.Sculpting.System.2.Complete.Aerobics.Weight.Training.part3.rar Download Uploading http://uploading/files/6867em16/The.Firm.Body.Sculpting.System.2.Complete.Aerobics.Weight.Training.part1.rar/ http://uploading/files/m2m7919m/The.Firm.Body.Sculpting.System.2.Complete.Aerobics.Weight.Training.part2.rar/ http://uploading/files/7e6mm66a/The.Firm.Body.Sculpting.System.2.Complete.Aerobics.Weight.Training.part3.rar/ Download Filejungle http://www.filejungle/f/5Fp3xV/The.Firm.Body.Sculpting.System.2.Complete.Aerobics.Weight.Training.part1.rar http://www.filejungle/f/XtBdgP/The.Firm.Body.Sculpting.System.2.Complete.Aerobics.Weight.Training.part2.rar http://www.filejungle/f/75rM5E/The.Firm.Body.Sculpting.System.2.Complete.Aerobics.Weight.Training.part3.rar

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