The Dog Who Knew Too Much

Format Post in Developmental Biology BY Spencer Quinn

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The Dog Who Knew Too Much Spencer Quinn is available to download at BookMoving Chet's partner in the Little Detective Agency is Bernie Little.This eBook is available to download at and it has been shared by user as Spencer Quinn's eBooks, Bernie is hired to protect a woman from her ex-husband.The Dog Who Knew ... Textbook The mission changes when the woman's son disappears on a camping trip. With Chet's help, Bernie searches for the missing boy (searching for things, particularly hot dogs, is a task at which Chet excels). When the search leads to the discovery of a murder victim in a gold mine, Bernie begins to suspect that the woman hasn't been wholly truthful about the reason he was hired. A conspiracy is soon unveiled that threatens to separate Chet from Bernie. As the story progresses, Chet has some solo adventures while maintaining a stream of consciousness commentary on items of interest to the canine nation. This isn't the kind of book you want to overanalyze. Spencer Quinn has a dry sense of humor that matches my own. He's a keen observer of dogs his take on how dogs think kept me laughing from the first page to the last. The Dog Who Knew Too Much is meant as an entertaining romp and that's the spirit in which I enjoyed it. The mystery tends to get lost in the midst of Chet's descriptions of the world as interpreted by a dog, but it's Chet, not the thin plot, that carries the book.

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