The Countess: A Novel of Elizabeth Bathory

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The Countess: A Novel of Elizabeth Bathory Rebecca Johns is available to download at BookMoving The Countess of Bathory was accused of killing 612 of her own maidservants.This eBook is available to download at and it has been shared by user as Rebecca Johns's eBooks, Wow talk about a serious serial killer.The Countess: A Novel ... Textbook It never evens occurs to her that it is considered murder when she beats her maid servants to death. She merely brushes it off as `I had not meant to'. It shows just how insane she had become. The details though are spared as the reader is left wondering sometimes just how twisted these punishments were. Erzsebet was considered the first female serial killer and a `vampire' much like Vlad the Impaled she was said to have bathed in her victims blood. While we aren't 100% certain what happened, Rebecca Johns decides to paint her opposite. Erzsebet is described as a woman trying to make it in a man's world (also Medieval let's not forget times were different then) who just did what was expected of her for her station. Johns shows Erzsebet as a character who was married young to an indifferent husband, widowed and left to survive. I actually at times was empathetic towards her where if I had seen the gore it would have gone the other way. All in all it was an interesting read. At times it is slow going, but I've found that's how it is with most historical fictions so it shouldn't bother genre fans. While I personally wanted the blood (I'm weird) I was pleased at how Johns made me want to like her, and that was no easy feat.

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