The Cambridge Illustrated Atlas of Warfare: The Middle Ages, 768-1487

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The Cambridge Illustrated Atlas of Warfare: The Middle Ages, 768-1487 Matthew Bennett, Nicholas Hooper is available to download

The Cambridge Illustrated Atlas of Warfare: The Middle Ages, 768-1487
Matthew Bennett, Nicholas Hooper
Type: eBook
Released: 1996
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Page Count: 193
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0521440491
ISBN-13: 9780521440493
From The ingredients of medieval warfare--armor, warhorses, small arms, the siege, archers, knights--are discussed and pictured in this highly illustrated popular history.The Cambridge Illustrated Atlas ... Textbook A companion atlas, Renaissance to Revolution, 1492^-1792, is to be published this month. The main purpose of the atlas is to trace the development of warfare from Charlemagne through the War of the Roses. Discussion is divided into four major sections: "The Crucible of Europe," (742^-1016), "Western Europe in the Eleventh to the Thirteenth Centuries," "Expanding Europe: The Crusades," and "Europe Divided: The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries." A brief section is devoted to the theory and practice of medieval warfare, offering brief information on fortresses, gunpowder, laws of war, chivalry, mercenaries, etc. There is a glossary, a bibliography of recommended secondary sources, a chronology (limited to events covered in the atlas), and an index. The strength of the work is its illustrations. Maps are used to good effect to show political boundaries, cities, placement of armies, invasion routes, and marches. Three-and four-color drawings are used to show battle positions and troop movement during battle. These are quite helpful and relate to the text. Every map has a key explaining colors and symbols. Some of the many attractive photographs of paintings, engravings, and tapestries are too pale. This historical atlas will appeal to young adults and lay adults and should be placed in the general circulating collection of high-school and public libraries. Not an essential purchase for larger academic and public libraries. Review "In this volume, the authors have combined academic respectability with accessibility to appeal to general readers....It is beautifully illustrated...this is a fine addition that will assist in the study of many controversial issues on the movement and strategies of armies of the period." School Library Journal"...a handsome survey of medieval warfare from the accession of Charlemagne (768) to the end of the third War of the Roses (1487)....Highly recommended." Library Journal"Excellent....very accessible and authoritative." Reader's Review"This is a good atlas, suitable for undergraduates and as a starting point for further research....This volume will please the fans of the Normans and the Plantagenets." The Journal of Military History"A reasonably priced reference work....Each entry begins with a clear overview....Presentation is colorful, concise, and scholarly, particularly detailed information...." American Reference Books Annual"Rarely has a popular history book been written that succeeds so well in being entertaining and yet still substantive." Jeffrey Heinen, Speculum"...this volume provids an engaging summary of the history of warfare in Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean region. The Atlas is both a beautifully produced introduction to the subjevt on the period." Naval War College Review

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