The Analytical Theory of Heat

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First published in 1878, The Analytical Theory of Heat is Alexander Freeman's English translation of French mathematician Joseph Fourier's Théorie Analytique de la Chaleur, originally published in French in 1822. The Author of this Book is In this groundbreaking study, arguing that previous theories of mechanics advanced by such scientific greats as Archimedes, Galileo, Newton and their successors did not explain the laws of heat, Fourier set out to study the mathematical laws governing heat diffusion and proposed that an infinite mathematical series may be used to analyse the conduction of heat in solids. Array ISBN . Known in scientific circles as the 'Fourier Series', this work paved the way for modern mathematical physics. The Analytical Theory of Heat available in English. This translation, now reissued, contains footnotes that cross-reference other writings by Fourier and his contemporaries, along with 20 figures and an extensive bibliography. This book will be especially useful for mathematicians who are interested in trigonometric series and their applications.

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