Technical analysis explained

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Technical analysis explained
Martin J.Technical analysis explained Textbook Pring
Type: eBook
Released: 1991
Publisher: MGH
Format: chm
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0070510423
ISBN-13: 9780070510425
The No. 1 guide on technical analysis. Completely updated, revised, and reworked to integrate new developments in the financial markets over the last five years, Technical Analysis Explained details the most current and sophisticated investment tools and techniques that help private investors and experienced professionals alike understand, interpret, and predict major market moves. What's more, the third edition focuses on new and emerging opportunities beyond the stock market by applying technical analysis techniques to: international stock markets, gold, currencies, and commodities. Technical Analysis Explained arms readers with an arsenal of technical analysis tools to identify and interpret market cycles and select the best-performing investments. Inside, you will learn how to guage market swings and analyze the financial position of various investor groups. You will also gain hands-on knowledge of: Market indicators and indices Price indexes Market breadth Moving average Cycles Rates of change Various methods of volume measurement Technical Analysis Explained, third edition also provides three chapters on the interdependence of interest rates and the stock market, with a discussion of how the technical approach can be successfully used to identify trends in the bond and money markets. This unrivaled resource is packed with hundreds of illustrations to clarify key points and will enable you to identify the early changes that signal major market swings, make investment decisions with a greater degree of confidence, and avoid costly mistakes.

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