Taming Her Heart

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The author of Taming Her Heart is Marisa Chenery Maggie can’t deny she’s drawn to Dolf, and she’d like nothing more than to get to know him better, if it weren’t for the whole “fur” thing freaking her out, that After having been kidnapped by the pack leader of the werewolves sired by Fenris the wolf, she figures Dolf should be the last person to blame her for harboring a healthy dose of fear toward anything that howls at the Though she’s determined to get over the traumatic incident, right now, becoming Dolf’s mate is the furthest thing from her Dolf is certain Maggie is his mate, but her terror toward his kind is keeping them Worse yet, he has no idea how to win over her heart, and just as importantly, her Her body and soul belongs to him, and Dolf will stop at nothing to make Maggie his, even if it means ending the life of the werewolf responsible for keeping his mate from his Question is, can he?. The Author of this Book is Marisa Chenery The Author of this Book is Marisa Chenery This title is available at BookMoving. Array ISBN . Array ISBN . Taming Her Heart available in English. com on Marisa Chenery\'s eBooks, . Taming Her Heart available in English. Taming Her Heart Textbook, course, ebook, pdf, download at bookmoving .

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