Superstring Theory

Format Post in Engineering BY Edward Witten, John H. Schwarz, Michael B. Green

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Superstring Theory Edward Witten, John H. Schwarz, Michael B. Green is available to download

Superstring Theory
Edward Witten, John H.Superstring Theory Textbook Schwarz, Michael B. Green
Type: eBook
Released: 1987
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Page Count: 242
Format: djvu
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0521323843
ISBN-13: 9780521323840
In recent years, superstring theory has emerged as a promising approach to reconciling general relativity with quantum mechanics and unifying the fundamental interactions. Problems that have seemed insuperable in previous approaches take on a totally new character in the context of superstring theory, and some of them have been overcome. Interest in the subject has greatly increased following a succession of exciting recent developments. This two-volume book attempts to meet the need for a systematic exposition of superstring theory and its applications accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

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