Smart Card Manufacturing

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Smart Card Manufacturing
A Practical Guide
Type: eBook
Page Count: 230
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0471497673
Demand for the increased protection of personal data has caused a significant rise in the profile of smart cards, and this will continue to be a major growth area with secure mobile communication and e-commerce applications .Smart Card Manufacturing Textbook An understanding of the structure and manufacturing of smart cards is key to the continued development of intelligent systems. First published in German, Haghiri and Tarantino have produced the standard reference on the structure of smart cards and the technologies for embedding chips into smart cards. Detailed coverage of the practicalities and mechanics of smart card manufacture will appeal to a range of software developers, practitioners and students from within the electronics, security, and communications arenas. Details the structure and manufacturing processes of smart cards, an area largely omitted from other recent publications. Coverage of the full range of techniques applied to the development and production of smart cards. Presents an overview of the development of smartcards and the range of their evolving applications. From the Back Cover The smart card industry is booming as demand for data protection increases. From secure e-commerce and mobile communications to electronic tracking and ticketing systems, smart card technology facilitates a broad array of applications. This practical guide bridges the gap between smart card applications and software, providing an accessible introduction to a versatile technology. Featuring: Step-by-step descriptions of the production processes for chip modules, traditional, contactless and dual-interface smart cards. Guidance on the choice of materials for use in each smart card component. Coverage of all the major reliability testing methods and test criteria for chip modules and smart cards. The architecture and functionality of the full range of available smart cards along with outlines of the related standards. An examination of future smart card applications and an overview of chips currently on the market. Contact details and relevant web sites for all the major smart card manufacturers and materials suppliers. With coverage ranging from the production of card bodies and chip modules to state-of-the-art personalization technologies, this timely publication will appeal to personnel at every level of the smart card industry.

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