Smart Biosensor Technology (Optical Science and Engineering)

Format Post in Biomedical BY Amarjeet S. Bassi, George K. Knopf

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Synergy is the key to creating more intelligent biosensors. The Author of this Book is Amarjeet S. Bassi, George K. Knopf Engineers develop smaller, more integrated technologies; biologists and chemists develop increasingly selective and sensitive sensor elements; material scientists develop ways to bring it all together. Array ISBN . However, most books focus only on the chemistry aspects of biosensor technologies. Smart Biosensor Technology (Optical Science and Engineering) available in English. With a multidisciplinary perspective, Smart Biosensor Technology examines the design, applications, and future directions of this rapidly evolving field. This book collects contributions from leading specialists in a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines involved in different aspects of biosensor design and technology. Five broad sections provide a systematic structure that builds progressively from key concepts to emerging technologies and future directions. Following an introduction to the fundamental characteristics and functions of the underlying technologies, two sections explore the role materials play in developing smart biosensors. Next, the editors devote an entire section to bioelectronics with a focus on a biophotonic material called bacteriorhodopsin and its application to photoelectric biosensing, chemical sensing, and color imaging. They also present design and fabrication of new bioelectronic sensing arrays on flexible substrates. The final section explores a variety of smart biosensor applications in detecting food pathogens, monitoring toxicity, and detecting allergens and viruses. Building a solid background in the underlying technologies and demonstrating how to apply this knowledge to solve real problems, Smart Biosensor Technology is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary guide to extending the capabilities of biosensors for a broad range of fields.

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