Sherlock Holmes in Russia

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Sherlock Holmes in Russia Alex Auswaks is available to download at BookMoving The stories themselves are naturally heavily Russian orientated -down trodden people of differing classes and the caste system come to the fore in various stories.This eBook is available to download at and it has been shared by user as Alex Auswaks's eBooks, The dialogue is written with somewhat of a Conan Doyle style,but,at times,is either a little stiff or interesting,depending on the reader's viewpoint.Sherlock Holmes in Russia Textbook These tales give an ever-so-slight look into this era of Russia,and how they viewed not only S.H.,but the Russian way of life. The crimes Holmes solves are not the usual,straight forward,but with a twist murders with mysterious surroundings that readers have come to know. Rather they involve subjects that sometimes don't come immediately to mind when thinking of Holmes and Watson,and that's what gives this book an interesting flavor. There are criminals to be sure,thefts of valuable (Nikitin's tale of the theft of a black pearl) objects,and so on but with a distinct Russian outlook. Orlovetz's story of corrupt officials from the lowest rank to the highest,involving the railroads and the "black market" in stolen goods,uses a number of Holmes devices such as disguises,Holmes disappearing for lengths of time,and using Watson as a lookout and another pair of eyes,will be familiar to Holmes readers. Keep in mind that these stories were written a hundred years ago,with then current thinking and world outlook. And that's what makes these tales interesting to read-their written with an outlook that's a bit different than western thinking. There are also descriptions of Russian landscapes throughout,which help set the scene for Holmes and Watson,and help to involve the reader in the various stories.

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