Quantum Gravity,2012

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Quantum Gravity,2012 Rodrigo Sobreiro is available to download at BookMoving This book presents a series of selected chapters written by renowned authors with the objective to provide an overview and comparison of the various quantum gravity theories.This eBook is available to download at and it has been shared by user as Rodrigo Sobreiro's eBooks, Each chapter treats gravity and its quantization through known and alternative techniques, aiming a deeper understanding on the quantum nature of gravity This is a book where the reader will find a fine collection of physical and mathematical concepts, an up to date research, about the challenging puzzle of quantum gravity.Quantum Gravity,2012 Textbook Contents Preface 1. Anomalous Gravitational Vacuum Fluctuations Which Act as Virtual Oscillating Dipoles 2. Planck Scale Cosmology and Asymptotic Safety in Resummed Quantum Gravity: An Estimate of Л 3. S-Duality in Topological Supergravity 4. Quantum Gravity Insights from Smooth 4-Geometries on Trivial R4 5. Fiber Bundles, Gauge Theories and Gravity 6. Quantum Gravity in Cantorian Space-Time

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