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Programming MapPoint in .Programming MapPoint in .NET Textbook NET
Chandu Thota
Type: eBook
Released: 2005
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Page Count: 376
Format: chm
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0596009062
ISBN-13: 9780596009069
Interactive web maps generated by MapPoint-Microsoft's popular mapping technology are crucial for businesses in a number of fields, including real estate, package delivery, and commercial air travel. In a word, MapPoint provides businesses with "location." Specifically, it provides an integrated set of products, servers, and services to enable a business to track the precise location of remote assets, thereby reducing operational costs and improving productivity. Whether the asset is a truck, a taxi, or even a field rep, MapPoint can tell you exactly where it is at any time. Programming MapPoint in .NET from O'Reilly shows you how to use MapPoint to build custom applications for the desktop, the web, and mobile devices. The book also explains how to analyze and share data generated from a wide range of maps, including those that show demographic trends, population density, and sales potential. Chandu Thota, one of Microsoft's main MapPoint developers and the book's author, has organized the material into four major sections, each dedicated to a different MapPoint technology: MapPoint 2004 - calculating routes, rendering data maps, integrating with Global Positioning System (GPS) for obtaining real-time location MapPoint Web Service - techniques for finding points of interest, creating applications using the Find APIs and Route APIs, rendering LineDrive maps and polygonsMapPoint Location Server - deployment scenarios, getting real-time location using mobile phones, managing contacts and privacy settings MSN Virtual Earth - the basics of programming with new MSN Virtual Earth APIs The book provides a jumpstart for working with these technologies, including in-depth discussions about the core concepts and sample code provided in C#. It's ideal for anyone who wants to develop locations-based applications with MapPoint technologies. The next time you follow online directions to the airport, you can chalk up an assist to MapPoint's state-of-the-art interactive mapping abilities. Better yet, you'll know how to create that same type of map yourself. About the Author Chandu Thota is Microsoft's point man on MapPoint. You can see his picture at His weblog at is a key resource for MapPoint developers.

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