Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion

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Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion
Mike Mason
Type: eBook
Released: 2006
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
Page Count: 232
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0977616657
ISBN-13: 9780977616657
This book covers the theory behind version control and how it can help developers become more efficient, work better as a team, and keep on top of software complexity.Pragmatic Version Control Using ... Textbook Version control, done well, is your "undo" button for the project: nothing is final, and mistakes are easily rolled back. This book describes Subversion 1.3, the latest and hottest open source version control system, using a recipe-based approach that will get you up and running quickly and correctly. Learn how to use Subversion the right way-the pragmatic way. With this book, you can: Keep all project assets safe--not just source code--and never run the risk of losing a great idea Know how to undo bad decisions--even directories and symlinks are versioned Learn how to share code safely, and work in parallel for maximum efficiency Install Subversion and organize, administer and backup your repository Share code over a network with Apache, svnserve, or ssh Create and manage releases, code branches, merges and bug fixes Manage 3rd party code safely Use all the latest Subversion 1.3 features including locking and path-based security, and much more! Now there's no excuse not to use professional-grade version control. About the Author Mike Mason is an Agile Architect with ThoughtWorks where he builds mission critical systems for Fortune 500 clients. Mike has been using Subversion for more than eight years and he has watched it evolve from an excellent-but-niche tool to being an enterprise standard in version control. Mike is the author of Pragmatic Version Control using Subversion.

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