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Oracle DBA SQL Quick Reference
Charlie Russel, Robert Cordingley
Type: eBook
Released: 2003
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Page Count: 560
Format: chm
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0131403036
ISBN-13: 9780131403031
Most Oracle DBAs spend the majority of their time each day doing pretty much the same things they do every other day, which is great, since they don't have any problem remembering the syntax and commands they want to use.Oracle DBA SQL Quick ... Textbook But for the rest of their time, they're doing something they may only do once every few months -- and that's the time they need help. Not from a huge instructional manual, or awkward online documentation -- they have plenty of both and will use them when they need to. What DBA's really need is a simple, small, single volume quick reference that will remind them of the syntax and options of a command they rarely use, or give them a quick reminder of the available views and tables that make up a DBAs life. From the Back Cover The Oracle SQL every DBA needs—fast and easy! Covers all the core day-to-day tasks DBAs are responsible for Quick access to SQL commands, operators, functions, data dictionary views, and more Includes dozens of easy-to-understand syntax diagrams The fast, practical Oracle SQL reference for every Oracle DBA!If you're a working Oracle DBA, here's the Oracle SQL reference you've been searching for—simple, straightforward, and incredibly easy to use! There's no faster way to discover the exact syntax you need...refresh your memory about that option you haven't used lately...find the name of that view you know exists...start using that new Oracle 9i feature you haven't tried yet. Keep it by your desk, near your server...wherever you need fast, reliable answers right this minute! Covers Oracle SQL through Oracle9i Release 2 Clear, well-organized tables of operators, functions, format models, privileges, and reserved words Complete command reference: syntax and options for every Oracle SQL command Standard "railroad" syntax diagrams make it easy to write correct syntax Handy listings of data dictionary views and dynamic performance tables

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