Next Generation Wireless Networks

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This book is an organized and edited work of enabling technologies for the applications and services needed for future wireless networks. The Author of this Book is Sirin Tekinay Its focus is the defining architectures, services and applications, with coverage of all layers, i. Array ISBN 0792372409. e. Next Generation Wireless Networks available in English. , from the physical layer to the information handling layers of the network. The new wireless network architectures are geared specifically for enabling mobility and location-enhanced applications. Presented first are tutorials on new network architectures, including a discussion of "infostations", the role of satellites in broadband wireless access, and the "infocity" concept. The next three chapters present material that describes the state-of-the-art in wireless geolocation systems (including "assisted GPS"), alternatives for wireless geolocation, and empirical data on wireless geolocation capabilities. The first of the last two chapters demonstrates the use of location information in next generation wireless networks, with coverage of real-time geolocation measurements in mobile connectivity. The final chapter portrays the creation of a "killer application" in wireless networks. Leading researchers in the field have contributed to this volume. Next Generation Wireless Networks is essential reading for engineers, researchers, application design specialists, and product managers in the field of wireless network architectures and wireless geolocation.

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