Medical Device Reliability and Associated Areas

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Although Reliability Engineering can trace its roots back to World War II, its application to medical devices is relatively recent, and its treatment in the published literature has been quite limited. The Author of this Book is B. S. Dhillon With the medical device industry among the fastest growing segments of the US economy, it is vital that the engineering, biomedical, manufacturing, and design communities have up-to-date information on current developments, tools, and techniques. Array ISBN . Medical Device Reliability and Associated Areas fills this need with broad yet detailed coverage of the field. Medical Device Reliability and Associated Areas available in English. It addresses a variety of topics related - directly and indirectly - to reliability, including human error in health care systems and software quality assurance. With emphasis on concepts rather than mathematical rigor, a multitude of examples, exercises, tables, and references, this is one resource that everyone connected to the medical device industry must have.

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