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Lynda - PostgreSQL 9 With PHP Essential Training English | BIN FILE | eLearning | 518.99 MB In this course, author Bill Weinman shows how to architect PostgreSQL databases and integrate them into web applications using PHP. The course covers the basics of creating tables, storing data with data types, and working with expressions, operators, and strings. The course also explores the differences between the PDO and pgsql interfaces and demonstrates managing a database in PHP. Exercise files accompany the course. Download Links: http://www./file/OHV9imY/iron.lcps9pet.part1.rar http://www./file/nhTtZzA/iron.lcps9pet.part2.rar http://www./file/RvtBxRG/iron.lcps9pet.part3.rar http://www./f/AepTwV/iron.lcps9pet.part1.rar http://www./f/8WQTTU/iron.lcps9pet.part2.rar http://www./f/Ak8SF2/iron.lcps9pet.part3.rar

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