Linux on the Mainframe

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Linux on the Mainframe Dorothea Matthaeus, Ingolf Salm, John Eilert, Mari is available to download

Linux on the Mainframe
Dorothea Matthaeus, Ingolf Salm, John Eilert, Maria Eisenhaendler
Type: eBook
Released: 2003
Page Count: 464
Format: chm
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0131014153
ISBN-13: 9780131014152
Linux on the Mainframe explains why Linux can be a perfect fit for a mainframe and how companies can leverage Linux for business advantage.Linux on the Mainframe Textbook Learn how to reduce IT costs, consolidate servers, and reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure. Understand Linux on the mainframe basics, whether you are a decision maker or involved in the technical implementation of this solution. Includes an in-depth introduction to the latest developments, trends and technologies around Linux on the mainframe. Two sample companies illustrate how the mainframe supports virtualization, server consolidation and how Linux benefits from mainframe strength like hardware availability or software capabilities for dynamic resource allocation. Examples of middleware and tools that can be used with Linux on the mainframe also are detailed. Linux creator Linus Torvalds said in a keynote address (Feb 2, 2000, LinuxWorld) that he was surprised by the appearance of Linux on an S/390 mainframe and wound up using Linux on a mainframe as an example of the wide and growing commercial acceptance of Linux. "This is not something I envisioned back when I started. I did not envision that a year ago," he said.Notes - see page 3 for an expanded Author Expertise section. LOTM referenced below stands for Linux on the mainframe. From the Back Cover Leverage Linux on the mainframe for a true business advantage Covers zSeries and S/390 mainframes Contains over 100 pages of reference material Includes detailed examples and maximization techniques The complete mainframe guide to leveraging the power of Linux Linux on the Mainframe is the comprehensive guide to the fastest growing trend in IT. IBM's Linux experts present peerless instruction in the art of planning for and making the most of a Linux mainframe. This book's in-depth coverage includes virtualization, deployment, data management, debugging, security, systems management, application porting, and much more. Sample companies that demonstrate the strengths and potential shortcomings of Linux on the mainframe Complete business analysis, including Total Cost of Ownership, server consolidation techniques, and IT infrastructure simplification Examples of deploying middleware and other tools In-depth introductions to the latest trends, developments, and technologies related to Linux on the mainframe Background information on mainframes and Linux for the lay reader Key techniques for deploying Linux servers and building integrated server environments For anyone involved in the planning, deploying, management, or administration of a mainframe, Linux on the Mainframe is a vital resource.

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