Legend of the Leopard

Format Post in Fiction / Novel BY Melani Blazer

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Geneticist Salvatore DeMartiano managed the unbelievable he accidentally injected himself with infected leopard blood, which causes his biochemistry to alter and allows him to change into a leopard. The Author of this Book is Melani Blazer And threatens to turn him into a white leopard. Array ISBN 1843609436. . Legend of the Leopard available in English. .permanently. It doesn't help that he's miles into the Sudanese savannah where he cannot easily get the human blood and medicines he needs to solve the mystery of the gene-altering bacteria. Until Julia Haverstock's plane crash-lands not far from his home. She's the only survivor. He's the only one who can speak English. She needs a way home. He needs her blood. Rather than explaining his bizarre predicament, he sets about seducing her, hoping to get close enough to convince her to help. Julia bought the reasons she couldn't leave immediately and even became Sal's lover without much reluctance. But it frightens her when she finds notes on his computer about genetic alterations and leopard blood. What kind of mad scientist is he? When Sal is wounded, Julia must face the truth he is the legendary white leopard. With Sal trapped in animal form, Julia faces her toughest decision yet take the resources she's discovered and flee, or stay to help this man-beast she has grown to love.

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