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Karl Taylor - Advanced Digital SLR Photography English | Duration: 87m | AVI | DivX | AC3 | 1.32Gb Genre: eLearning In this program we help take your photography to the next level as we look at several specialized areas of capturing stunning images. See step by step how to paint a night scene with light on a 20 minute exposure. Learn the skills of working with models and using flash and reflectors in the day. Watch as Karl gives you his top tips for action shots and gives you an insight into essential pro equipment for Macro, Remote Capture and much, much more. On this DVD you will learn: * Painting with Light Just like an artist you can actually use light to paint your scene! Karl takes you step by step through this fascinating process of turning night into day with simply stunning results. * Macro and Extreme Close Up With today’s reduced chip size DSLR's it’s possible to capture great macro shots in minutes! Discover how a few extra pieces of economic equipment can take your macro shots even further. * Capturing Action It’s all about timing! If you are trying to freeze the action or add a sense of motion to your picture this fantastic chapter shows you how to use different lenses and shutter speeds for the best effect. Also learn the essential tips on focus and planning. * Nightscapes and Light Trails Expand your shooting skills beyond the magic hour by applying these simple rules to your night photography. * Flash in the Day When to use it and why! Discover how the professionals make the best of the light by adding more. * A Fashion Shoot with Models Working with models requires communication and direction. See how Karl works with the model to find the best shot. * The Essential Pro Equipment What kit do you really need to get that great shot? Take a look at what the Pros are using to get those stunning images! * Remote Capture Techniques Ever wondered how to capture those elusive wildlife images? Discover the equipment and techniques to get an incredible wildlife shot not too far from home! * Outdoor Natural Portraits Beautiful outdoors light and choosing the right time of day go a long way toward the perfect portrait. This essential knowledge will guide you to getting great pictures of people with natural light and professional reflectors and shows you how it compares to fill in flash.  

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