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Joomla! with Flash
Suhreed Sarkar
Type: eBook
Released: 2009
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Page Count: 260
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1847198244
ISBN-13: 9781847198242
Build a stunning, content-rich, and interactive web site with Joomla! 1.Joomla! with Flash Textbook 5 and Flash CS4 Build an attractive web site integrating Flash objects into Joomla!Create stunning photo galleries with Flash transition and animation effectsUse interactive Flash-based maps, charts, animations, videos, MP3 players, logos, headers, and banners in Joomla!-based web sitesTurn your Joomla! web site into a feature-rich multimedia enhanced site through this step-by-step easy-to-follow guide enriched with screenshots In Detail You can build any kind of web site using Joomla! The look and feel of Joomla! web sites can largely be customized using the many templates, components, modules and plug-ins available. With all these features, ease of administration, and options for customization, sometimes you may think of integrating other technologies such as Flash with it. This is because Flash provides great animation features that are otherwise not available in Joomla!This book shows how to integrate Flash into Joomla! You will learn how to add the various functionalities provided by Flash and make your site stunning, visually rich, and interactive. The book covers topics like flash headers, menus, displaying and maintaining flash movies, slide shows, animation, interactivity, and more. Installation and use of Joomla! modules like Flash, Joomla Random Flash, Active, and Handy SWF Flash module are covered too.The book introduces Joomla! and Flash and briefly shows the benefits of using Flash in Joomla!. It shows you how to add Flash objects in Joomla! articles and modules, build Flash-based menus, create Flash-based photo galleries, interactive maps, and charts. It also shows you how to display content in custom fonts, create a streaming media site, customize the Joomla! template to display Flash logos, headers and banners, and use Joomla! content in Flash objects. Finally the book covers troubleshooting Joomla! and its extensions. At the end of the book an appendix lists resources on Joomla!, Flash, and related extensions, to help you find more information. What you will learn from this book? Create Flash objects and choose some popular flash tools for working with themSet up a development environment with Apache web server and Joomla!Embed and display flash movies inside Joomla! contents using a simple video flash playerProvide better user experience by adding streaming videos, animations, and other interactive objects inside Joomla! modules and articlesCreate attractive Flash-based menus for your Joomla! web siteBuild stunning photo galleries with Flash animation effects and display photos on your Joomla! web site from a Flickr account using third-party extensions for Joomla!Display interactive Flash maps on a Joomla! web site using YOS amMap extensionShow the contents on your site in any font even though the font is not installed on your computer using sIFR3 technologyTransform your Joomla! site into a streaming media site using Jvideo! extension to embed videos in Joomla! contentsCreate mind maps based on your Joomla! site's structure with the help of Joom!FreeMind componentConvert your Joomla! site into a music station using a Flash-based MP3 playerCustomize your Joomla! template to display Flash logo, header, and bannersDisplay Joomla! contents in Flash objects using amfPHP and J-AMFPHP extension for Joomla!Maintain and troubleshoot your Joomla! and Flash web siteImprove the overall design and look & feel of the site, with the help of Flash templates and tickers in Joomla! Approach This book is a fast-paced step-by step-guide. It is loaded with examples and lots of illustrations showing configurations and their results on the screen. Who this book is written for? If you are a Joomla! web developer who wants to integrate Flash into your web sites, then this book is for you. Knowledge of Joomla! and basic knowledge of Flash is assumed. About the Author Suhreed Sarkar Suhreed Sarkar-IT consultant, trainer, and technical writer-studied Marine Engineering, served on board a ship for two years, then switched to the computer world with MCSE in Windows NT 4.0 track late in 2000. His latest field of study is business management and he has earned an MBA from the University of Dhaka. He has a bunch of BrainBench certifications including PHP4, Project Management, RDBMS Concepts, E-Commerce, Web Server Administration, Internet Security, Training Development, Delivery and Evaluation, and Technical Writing As a trainer, he has taught courses on web design, development, and e-commerce. He also delivers lectures on MIS and e-business in public and private universities in Bangladesh. Being passionate about learning and teaching new skills, he prefers hacking and teaching to actual coding for clients. As a consultant and trainer he has experience consulting for some international organizations including the United Nations, where he helped clients building and adopting their enterprise portals, large scale databases, and management information systems. He is the best-selling technical author in Bengali-having a dozen books published on topics covering web development, LAMP, networking, and system administration. As an open-source enthusiast, he is active in different forums and takes every chance to promote open-source CMSs and shopping carts including Joomla, Mambo, Moodle, WordPress, osCommerce, Zen Cart, etc. While not busy with hacking some apps, blogging on his blog (, reading the philosophy of Bertrand Russell or the management thought of Peter F Drucker-he likes to spend some special moments with his family-wife, son, and daughter. Suhreed lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh with his family.

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