Introducing Microsoft LINQ

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Introducing Microsoft LINQ
Marco Russo, Paolo Pialorsi
Type: eBook
Released: 2007
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Page Count: 228
Format: chm
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0735623910
ISBN-13: 9780735623910
Get a head start on using the Microsoft Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Project with advance insights from two experienced developers.Introducing Microsoft LINQ Textbook Data-rich applications can be difficult to create because of the tremendous differences between query languages used to access data and programming languages commonly used to write applications. This practical guide introduces LINQ, a set of extensions to the Microsoft Visual C#® and Microsoft Visual Basic® programming languages. Instead of traversing different language syntaxes required for accessing data from relational and hierarchical data sources, developers will learn how to write queries natively in C# or Visual Basic. Written by two experienced developers with strong ties to Microsoft's developer teams, this book introduces the LINQ architecture and classes, describes the new language features in both C# and Visual Basic, and provides code samples in both languages. From the Publisher Key Book Benefits: -Delivers one of the first inside looks at LINQ--from experienced developers who have worked with the technology from the start -Covers architecture, syntax, and classes so that developers can see how to integrate LINQ into their toolkits -Provides code samples in C# and Visual Basic

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