Income, Media and Performances

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Chris Anderson's initial `Long Tail' analysis was released in 2004 just as the wave of mergers and acquisitions was sweeping the music publishing and radio industries. The Author of this Book is Ivan l. Pitt The Author of this Book is Ivan l. Array ISBN . Pitt. Income, Media and Performances available in English. Music industry executives began looking for Anderson’s ‘Long Tail’ effect and with it the implied redistribution of royalty income from popular songs to long dormant and forgotten works in their catalogs. Array ISBN . These music publishers had hoped to further maximize the value of their copyright assets (lyrics and melody) in their existing music catalogs as the sale of compact disks diminished, and consumers switched their purchasing and listening habits to new digital formats in music technology such as the iPod. Income, Media and Performances available in English. This book deals with the measurement of skewness, heavy tails and asymmetry in performance royalty income data in the music industry, an area that has received very little academic attention for various reasons

Income, Media and Performances

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