In-Pack Processed Foods: Improving Quality

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Recent developments have enabled the production of in-pack processed foods with improved sensory quality as well as new types of heat-preserved products packaged in innovative containers. The Author of this Book is Philip Richardson This book reviews these advances in packaging formats and processing technologies and their application to produce higher quality, safer foods. Array ISBN . Opening chapters cover innovative can designs and non-traditional packaging formats, such as retort pouches. In-Pack Processed Foods: Improving Quality available in English. The second part of the book reviews the developments in processing and process control technology required by newer types of packaging. Part three addresses the safety of in-pack processed foods, including concerns over pathogens and hazardous compounds in processed foods. The book concludes with chapters on novel methods to optimise the quality of particular types of in-pack processed foods such as fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry and fish products. In-Pack Processed Foods: Improving Quality will be a valuable reference for professionals involved in the manufacture of this important group of food products and those researching in this area.

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