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The author of Improving what you write is Unknown Author “This book seeks to help you improve your writing quickly and As aids to quickness, it offers two special features: It provides a series of pre-tests to reveal which parts of the book you may skip and which you should Thus you spend time only on the parts that you need to learn, not on those dealing with what you already It provides, near the back of the book, the answers to all the tests contained in the You may check your own work quickly, without waiting for somebody else to grade and return your Thus you may move through this book as rapidly as you As aids to thoroughness, the book offers three other features: It presents, in four different ways, each point to be First, in a pre-test, it asks questions about the point, thus arousing your Second, it explains the point, giving you a general Third, it illustrates the point, making your knowledge more And finally, in a post-test, it again asks questions about the point, so that you may check your mastery of that point before moving on to the next As a rule, the points to be learned are arranged so that your understanding of the earlier ones will help you to understand the later Thus you are not expected to learn something until you have been prepared to learn If you study the book from beginning to end (skipping the portions that you already know), you should not become "lost" or "get beyond your Because you may immediately check your answers on most tests, your new knowledge will be quickly "reinforced" — an important aid, psychologists say, in With all these aids for quick and thorough learning, the book should enable you to bring about a real improvement in your to Use This BookEach of the nine units begins with a pre-test designed to show you whether to skip or to study that If you miss no answer in the pre-test, you may skip the unit; but if you miss even one answer, study the In effect, a perfect score on a pre-test for a unit exempts you from the study of the unit — but only a perfect As you study a unit, read everything until you come to a pre-test at the beginning of a section, A perfect score on that pre-test will exempt you from reading that An imperfect score, however, should cause you to study the section and to take the post-test following the If you do not make a perfect score on the.This title is available at BookMoving on Unknown Author's eBooks, .Improving what you write Textbook, course, ebook, pdf, download at bookmoving .

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