Human Learning (6th Edition)

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Human Learning (6th Edition) Jeanne Ellis Ormrod is available to download at BookMoving Product Description: This highly respected, market-leading textbook on learning theories applied to education prepares pre-service teachers and other educators with a unique and meaningful learning experience. The Author of this Book is Jeanne Ellis Ormrod This eBook is available to download at bookmoving. Array ISBN 0132595184. com and it has been shared by user as Jeanne Ellis Ormrod's eBooks, The sixth edition of Human Learning covers a broad-range of learning theories and key perspectives on learning related to education, including: behaviorist, cognitive, social cognitive, contextual, and developmental theories, always highlighting relationships between concepts. Human Learning (6th Edition) available in English. Human Learning (6th Edition) Textbook Additionally, the text details associationistic processes (e.g., classical and instrumental conditioning), and more complex and distinctly human processes (e.g. metacognition, self-regulated learning, critical thinking). Every chapter features key pedagogical concepts with specific applications to classroom practice, numerous concrete examples that illustrate key concepts, principles, and recommendations and dozens of proven examples help make the fundamentals of these theories comprehensible to students with little or no prior coursework in psychology.    Significant updates to this textbook include: important updates to reflect the most current research and new theories in the field, expansion of the chapter on cognition and memory, re-organization of Piaget and Vygotsky content into two separate chapters, a core section on teaching critical thinking skills, and the discussion of technology-based instructed has been significantly revised and expanded in this edition.

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