Hacking Knoppix

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Hacking Knoppix
Scott Granneman
Type: eBook
Released: 2006
Page Count: 336
Format: chm
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0764597841
Knoppix is an innovative Linux distribution that does not require installation, making it ideal to use for a rescue system, demonstration purposes, or many other applications Shows hack-hungry fans how to fully customize Knoppix and Knoppix-based distributions Readers will learn to create two different Knoppix-based live CDs, one for children and one for Windows recovery Teaches readers to use Knoppix to work from a strange computer, rescue a Windows computer that won't boot, repair and recover data from other machines, and more Includes Knoppix Light 4.Hacking Knoppix Textbook 0 on a ready-to-use, bootable live CD From the Back Cover Knoppix is so cool. It's easy to use, ultra-portable, and doesn't care what platform you're using. It camps on your system without canceling out your regular installation or messing with your files. And it's really fun to play with. Here are all kinds of ways to customize Knoppix for your particular needs, plus the scoop on various Knoppix distros. Learn to build a Knoppix first-aid kit for repairing cranky Windows and rescuing precious data, or create your own Live CD. Sweet! What can you do with it? Hundreds of things including these: Surf the Web Listen to music Fix Linux® Fix Windows® Test system security Create diskless clients Build a Knoppix distro for kids Personalize your own distro

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