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Do you want to learn and ultimately master Google\'s web and software tools beyond what information can find through their help files? Well Googlepedia shows both casual end-users and professional web developers how to get the most out of the Google search site and Google\'s powerful tools. The Author of this Book is Michael Miller For web searchers, Googlepedia describes how Google indexes web pages and ranks search results, and provides step-by-step instructions on conducting both basic and advanced queries. Array ISBN . All types of searches are presented, including searches of specific government and university web sites. Googlepedia: The Ultimate Google Resource available in English. Finally, webmasters and website developers learn how to submit their pages to Google for indexing, increase their search rankings, incorporate Google searches on their Web sites, and use Google\'s Adsense service to make money from any sized website. For all web users, Googlepedia shows how to use and master Google\'s web-based and software-based tools. Readers learn how to enhance their PC\'s operation with the Google Pack and Google Toolbar; map destinations, get driving directions, and find nearby businesses with Google Maps and Google Earth; find the best online bargains with Froogle; instant message other users with Google Talk; view web pages in other languages with Google Translate; create their own blogs with Blogger; use Google on their mobile phones; and much, much more.

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