George Washington's War on Native America

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George Washington's War on Native America
Barbara Alice Mann
Type: eBook
Released: 2005
Publisher: Praeger
Page Count: 314
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0275981770
ISBN-13: 9780275981778
Review "After reading this book, older high school and college students will have a different perspective about the Revolutionary War….George Washington's War on ... Textbook This scholarly yet readable volume also includes a series foreword, a table of contents, an introduction, extensive notes, a bibliography, and an index." – Multicultural Review "To balance long-held beliefs about the Revolutionary War as a conflict between colonists and the British fought on the northern Atlantic seacoast, Mann (English, U. of Toledo) recounts the events on the western front, focusing primarily on the experiences of the Iroquois League and the Ohio Union. She uses American, British and Native documents and oral histories to argue that George Washington was fighting Native Americans, not the British, in the west and that he used the Revolutionary War to seize Native land after the Treaty of Paris in 1783." – Reference & Research Book News Review "Barbara Mann has done it again. Abundantly documented, lucidly written and, best of all, utterly unequivocal in its conclusions, this is quite simply the best book ever written on the topic" ( Ward Churchill, author of A Little Matter of Genocide )

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