For Your Body Only: Discover the Diet You Were Born to Eat

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For Your Body Only: Discover the Diet You Were Born to Eat Gregory H. Tefft is available to download

For Your Body Only: Discover the Diet You Were Born to Eat
Gregory H.For Your Body Only: ... Textbook Tefft
Type: eBook
Released: 2002
Publisher: Dragon Door Publications
Page Count: 484
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0938045415
Cracking the code to the perfect personalized diet—and a lifetime of super-health Have you ever wondered why a new diet is invented almost every other day, yet obesity levels and disease in this country remain at an all-time high? Have you wondered why the diet that works so well for your friend has no impact on you—or even makes you worse? Have you tried all kinds of supplements, with no real idea if they ever helped you? Are you confused by the competing claims and "research" of the nutritional gurus-of-the-moment? It’s like not having the correct password to open your software program! Is there such a thing as the perfect diet—for you or anyone else? Is perfect daily health a pipedream—or a practical possibility? Can you really discover your individual "genetic-password"—and possess a lifetime passport to super-health? Until now, the honest answer would have been NO! Because until now, there has been no truly scientific testing system available to accurately measure your true dietary needs. Over the years, many diets have offered small pieces of the puzzle. The most recent examples are The Zone and Blood Type diets. But a small piece of the puzzle is just that. You’re left with gaping—and potentially dangerous—holes in your nutritional program. In For Your Body Only, Dr. Gregory Tefft finally offers you an escape from the guesswork, confusion, and risk of these one-size-fits-all diets. Scientific research now shows conclusively that each individual’s genetic structure is unique—and has unique dietary needs. With the new science of Typing and Profiling, you can finally crack the code and personalize your diet with uncanny accuracy. Whether you seek weight loss, high energy, good looks, strength, vitality or simple, honest-to-goodness, radiant health, For Your Body Only delivers where others have failed you. Can you have a lifetime of perfect health? The honest answer, now, is YES! Now you can: - Design the magnificent body you deserve—and keep it that way! - Lose weight and keep it off—for good. - Gain—and maintain—high energy, day-in, day-out. - Be alert and feel fantastic—always. - Look terrific—from tip-to-toe. About the Author Dr. Gregory Tefft is a Chiropractic Doctor and a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician treating patients since 1984. On an accelerated Ph.D. program he’s surpassed his M.S. requirements in Exercise Physiology and is completing the remainder of this third doctorate in holistic nutrition. His two B.S. degrees are based upon three majors in Physical Education, Health Science, and Biology. Dr. Tefft’s accomplishments include being a three-time Natural America, a Master’s Class powerlifter, a fifth placing in track and field at the Jr. Olympics, and Olympic Team alternate classification in swimming. Dr. Tefft has been a drugless physician, personal training and nutritional consultant for numerous celebrities including Dolph Lundgren and Larry Wilcox.

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