Explosive Eighteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel

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Explosive Eighteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel Janet Evanovich is available to download at BookMoving As usual, Stephanie finds herself in the middle of a big mess with little to no understanding of why.This eBook is available to download at and it has been shared by user as Janet Evanovich's eBooks, She has lots of bad dudes, good dudes, bad dudes posing as good dudes and the like chasing her around Trenton.Explosive Eighteen: A Stephanie ... Textbook She and Lula go after some interesting FTA's which leads to more confusion and trouble for Stephanie. Joyce Barnhart makes a significant appearance and continues to be a major fly in the ointment. A good part of this story we have seen before in other incarnations but it still works. I have to admit I did not have any laugh out loud moments but I did find the suspense level was kicked up a bit to compensate. The never ending question of Ranger vs Morelli continues but I think there are some definite leanings in this book. Ms. Evanovich is not completely back to the hilarious early books but this one is an improvement on the lackluster numbers 14-16 books.

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