Energy of Matter (States of Matter)

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Energy and its relationship to matter started with big banga widely accepted theory in contemporary cosmology, which concerns the origin and evolution of the universe. The Author of this Book is Joseph A., Jr. Angelo According to this theory, an incredibly powerful explosion about 13. Array ISBN . 7 billion years ago started the present universe. Energy of Matter (States of Matter) available in English. Prior to this explosion, matter, energy, space, and time did not exist.All of these physical phenomena emerged from an unimaginably small, infinitely dense object that scientists call the initial singularity. Immediately after the big bang event, the intensely hot universe, which consisted of pure energy, began to expand and cool.As the universe cooled, matter began to form, initially as primeval quark-gluon plasma.Energy of Matter presents the most important intellectual achievements and technical developments that led people to use matter's energy content more efficiently. Supported by full-color illustrations and interesting sidebars, this new book describes the transformation of matter into energy and vice versa and how it continues in the present.

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