Electrochemical Activation of Catalysis

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Electrochemical Activation of Catalysis Costas G. Vayenas, Costas Pliangos, Demetrios Tsip is available to download

Electrochemical Activation of Catalysis
Costas G.Electrochemical Activation of Catalysis Textbook Vayenas, Costas Pliangos, Demetrios Tsiplakides, Susanne Brosda, Symeon Bebelis
Type: eBook
Released: 2002
Publisher: Springer
Page Count: 603
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0306467194
ISBN-13: 9780306467196
This book describes the phenomenology, theory and potential applications of the phenomenon of electrochemical promotion, where electrochemically induced ion spillover activates and controls heterogeneous catalysis. The origin of electrochemical promotion is discussed in light of a plethora of surface spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques. Electrochemical and classical promotion are compared, their common rules are identified and promotional kinetics are rigorously modeled and compared with experiment.

Electrochemical Activation of Catalysis

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