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Digital Scrapbooking
Lori J.Digital Scrapbooking Textbook Davis, Sally Beacham
Type: eBook
Released: 2004
Publisher: Course Technology PTR
Page Count: 297
Format: djvu
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1592005039
ISBN-13: 9781592005031
Are you a traditional scrapbook enthusiast looking for a way to organize your memories electronically? Have you never tried scrapbooking because you’re not sure where to start? Digital Scrapbooking is here to start you on your journey! Cover the fundamentals of digital photography and digital scrapbook elements—incorporating existing elements or even creating your own. Even if you’ve never put together a scrapbook page, you’ll get the tips you need to start organizing your photographs into vibrant, exciting scrapbook pages right on your computer. When you’re finished, you’ll get tips for sharing your newly created memory pages in print or online. Quickly introduces the paper scrapbooker or non-scrapbooker to the fundamentals of digital scrapbooking. Explains basic photo and photo editing concepts and techniques to help the reader produce better photo. Provides instruction on using and creating non-photographic graphical elements in the reader’s own designs. Covers topics that both novice and experienced scrapbookers will find helpful. CD-ROM includes graphical elements that the reader can use in his/her projects. About the Author Sally Beacham teaches intermediate and advanced level Paint Shop Pro classes, Xara X classes devoted to Photoshop-compatible plugin filters, and a new Memory Page Fundamentals class which focuses on converting traditional paper scrapbook techniques to digital scrapbooking. Beacham is coauthor of "Paint Shop Pro 8 Zero to Hero". Currently residing in Maine, Beacham has been a private beta-tester for Jasc Software and other software companies for a number of years, as well as a contributor at Her Web site,, is primarily devoted to Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop-compatible plugin filters. Lori J. Davis is a former college teacher and technical writer who first developed a passion for computer graphics several years ago when developing a personal Web site. She has taught many computer graphics classes online, has been a beta tester for several graphics-related applications, has served as the technical editor and occasional contributor to, and has contributed a series of articles to Digital Camera Magazine. Currently residing in New Jersey, Davis has also authored several books including "Paint Shop Pro 7 Solutions" (Muska & Lipman Publishing, 1929685483) and "Paint Shop Pro 8 Power!" (Muska & Lipman Publishing, 1929685386).

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