Digital Fundamentals - 9th Ed -Thomas L. Floyd

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Digital Fundamentals 9th Ed Thomas L. The Author of this Book is Floyd Publisher: Pearson; 9 edition (1 May 2005) | Language English | ISBN 10: 0131972553 | 469. Array ISBN . 21 MB Throughout 4 years studying electronics at university, this book stands out from all the others I read and bought as the best and most useful of all. Digital Fundamentals - 9th Ed -Thomas L. Floyd available in English. It deals with all aspects of digital electronics including basic number systems (binary, hex, etc); boolean logic; basic logic components; and more advanced topics such as components (counters, multiplexors, etc) and programmable logic devices. The information presented is easy to understand and readers are guided into new areas of understanding gradually and with excellent explanation and examples. As far as Im concerned, this book falls squarely into the must buy category if youre studying electronics/digital design. This introductory text to digital fundamentals is packed with full color photographs, illustrations, graphs, and more. This book reasonably emphasizes troubleshooting and applications using real devices. It provides thorough, up to date coverage of digital fundamentals, from basic concepts to microprocessors. Supports clear, accurate explanations of theory with superior exercises, examples, and visual aids. Includes only the mathematics readers need to understand certain concepts. Is accompanied by an Electronics Workbench circuits disk that is keyed to problems and activities in the book. It offers Electronics Workbench tutorials for many of the chapters on a book specific Web site. The key feature of this book is balanced treatment of basic concepts, up to date technology, practical applications, and troubleshooting, 15 chapters discuss introductory concepts, logic gates, Boolean algebra and logic simplification, combinational logic, programmable logic devices, flip flops and related devices, counters, shift registers, sequential logic applications of PLDS, memory and storage, interfacing, microprocessors and computers, integrated circuit technologies, and number systems, operations, and codes. This is very nice book for anyone looking to brush up on the basics of digital circuits. Download http://www./file/POwwvpP/Digital Fundamentals.part1.rar http://www./file/iMbbyTd/Digital Fundamentals.part2.rar http://www./file/aUyyOz9/Digital Fundamentals.part3.rar http://www./file/aUyyMYw/Digital Fundamentals.part4.rar http://www./file/qLooGFG/Digital Fundamentals.part5.rar Fundamentals.part1.rar Fundamentals.part2.rar Fundamentals.part3.rar Fundamentals.part4.rar Fundamentals.part5.rar Fundamentals.part1.rar Fundamentals.part2.rar Fundamentals.part3.rar Fundamentals.part4.rar Fundamentals.part5.rar

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