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Developing Serious Games
Bryan Bergeron
Type: eBook
Released: 2006
Publisher: Charles River Media
Page Count: 452
Format: chm
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1584504447
ISBN-13: 9781584504443
With the impressive growth the games industry has enjoyed for the past decade, game developers, educators, and marketing firms are excitedly envisioning serious games applications for computer game technologies.Developing Serious Games Textbook These applications- serious games- represent opportunities for game developers to apply their talents to areas outside of the entertainment industry. Developing Serious Games is a practical handbook that details what’s involved in developing these serious games. It explores the emergence of serious games as a viable niche in the multi-billion dollar gaming industry, and it covers the various types of serious games, including military, academic, medical, and training & development. From there it continues with a discussion of the enabling technology trends, emerging standards, and the tools that promise to reinforce the current trajectory of development and user demand for serious games. The second half of the book emphasizes the economic realities of the serious games industry, including and evaluation of the market, the economic potential of the space, and the customer base. The book culminates with a serious game design document that illustrates the important differences between entertainment games and serious games. It also provides a look to the future of serious gaming from a developer’s perspective. The book is written for students, established game developers, and professionals in related fields, such as modeling and simulation or instructional design, who are skilled in training with traditional approaches and tools. It is also applicable to programmers, graphic artists, and management contemplating or involved in the development of serious games. Key Features: * Teaches developers how to get into the serious games market and be successful * Details the serious games design document and explains the critical differences from games that entertain * Presents tools and techniques that can be applied to real-world development challenges * Teaches how to identify and obtain funding sources * Illustrates the entire process of development from choosing game shells and engines to marketing * Discusses key technologies, including middleware, shells, content provides/generators, etc. * Provides an extensive resource section for established and burgeoning game developers About the Author Bryan Bergeron (Brookline, MA) developed the first commercial multimedia patient simulator (game) on the microcomputer. He is the author of six commercial "serious games" in healthcare, and authored or directed the development of a dozen or more in the course of his work supporting the curriculum at Harvard Medical School and MIT. He holds two patents in serious gaming (two more pending), and has consulted for medical boards, the pharmaceutical industry, publishers, and universities in the US and abroad on the topic of serious games for over 20 years.

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