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The author of DDP Yoga For The Regular Guy is DDP Yoga For The Regular Guy DVDRip | English | AVI | 640 x 480 | XviD ~1875 kbps | 23.This title is available at BookMoving on 's eBooks, 97 fps Author: Diamond Dallas Page | Released on: October 2005 | 1.DDP Yoga For The Regular ... Textbook, course, ebook, pdf, download at bookmoving 51 GB Genre: eLearning Yoga For the Regular guy is exactly as the name says, a yoga program for average regular people. The program consists of three workout types, based on your starting stats. The average person wil use the standard YRG workout. People who want to lose fat will go for YRG Fatburner first and heavily obese people and people over 50 should use the YRG Fatburner plus workout. Each workout video offers clear, step by step explanations of yoga poses and circuits along with many extra information about health all given by your personal coach Dallas Page. Some of the beneftis of YRG workouts are: improved strenght improved endurance fat loss flexibility reduced stress levels better sex life speed up recovery better sleep About the Author: Diamnd Dallas Page is a former 3x WCW Champion WCW Wrestler. He was one of the oldest wrestlers to make it in the business. Over 50 now he still is in perfect shape. He came into contact with yoga to speed up recovery after wrestling injuries. Since then he has become an avid defender of yoga and teaches it to people around the world. He has appeard in the Tonight Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, Oprah, Entertainment Weekly and many more shows. He works as a consultant, writer and motivational speakers. He claims he practices yoga everyday. https://filepost/files/25cad3c1/YRG.part01.rar https://filepost/files/9f8md4af/YRG.part02.rar https://filepost/files/ba6ad4m4/YRG.part03.rar https://filepost/files/fae87753/YRG.part04.rar https://filepost/files/7738fdc8/YRG.part05.rar https://filepost/files/m643345c/YRG.part06.rar https://filepost/files/3a5482ba/YRG.part07.rar https://filepost/files/m93bbed4/YRG.part08.rar https://filepost/files/74516fed/YRG.part09.rar https://filepost/files/13m8m3ce/YRG.part10.rar https://filepost/files/bcdc4aa5/YRG.part11.rar https://filepost/files/bcfd46m1/YRG.part12.rar https://filepost/files/c9844ebd/YRG.part13.rar https://filepost/files/6d4m81c6/YRG.part14.rar https://filepost/files/83f19am1/YRG.part15.rar https://filepost/files/b6f1545c/YRG.part16.rar No Mirrors below, Please!

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