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The author of CmiVFX C4D Ultimate Learning System Vol 3 4 5 is   CmiVFX C4D Ultimate Learning System Vol 3 +4 +5 English | Video AVI 1024x768 | Audio 352kbps | 1.This title is available at BookMoving on 's eBooks, 75 GB Genre: eLearning Ultimate Learning System Vol 3 A substantial effort has been made to create detailed training covering modeling, scene rigging, UV sets and shading.CmiVFX C4D Ultimate Learning System ... Textbook, course, ebook, pdf, download at bookmoving Its a major leap forward in training for photorealistic recreation of subject matter. This Volume sets off the continuity of the previous volumes in the Cinema 4D Ultimate Learning System. At this stage, we can bridge the gap from concepts to final execution. You will find out that beauty comes with the responsibility of organized thoughts and a good knowledge from all aspects of the software.Because of the vast information inside this volume, it is important for you to know the content from the previous Volumes to be able to take full advantage of higher levels of detail and final deliveribles. It is extremely important that you are very comfortable with all aspects of the interface to make the best of this information. Don't be an observer. Be a creator and use our in-depth descriptions to actualize Polygon Modeling Learn how to choose the perfect primitive to start your elements and understand the idea behind the polygon editing tools by watching them in a real life situation. Find out how to add extra controls in your elements for later editing by taking advantage of some deformations from the huge list of deformers inside Cinema4D. KEYWORDS: Cinema 4D Training, C4D, Bodypaint, Maxon. UV Mapping To apply UV mapping to your objects is an art form that will bring your textures to another level of control. To know UV Mapping well requires time and experience. Here you will gather the necessary knowledge to start adding it to all your scenes using a few comprehensive steps that will give you the freedom to create. Rigging and Constraints Add life like deformation controls in the main element from the scene using a combination of great deformers, helpers and constraints.This will allow you to think about the concept and workflow of how the tools connect to each other smoothly to produce interactive controllers that can help you animate or pose objects in the scene. Nurbs Modeling Using one of the most helpful tools inside Cinema4D we will introduce you to the NURBs modeling to create the base geometry for the ground of our scene and with this simple step you will be able to understand the power behind the NURBs to build organic modeling style with excellence. Assembling Now we will take all the base modeling we did, and the rigged geometry so that you will understand how to increase significantly the amount of elements in the scene. Add randomness by making thoughtful changes in the rigged geometries that will give you a good comprehension of how to manipulate the elements. Detailing Adding more detail to a scene is always a tricky thing to do, because if you put too much in, it will be too crowded. If you add just a little, it wont be enough. Here we will start the modeling of the details for this scene and we will spread them wisely to give just the right amount of elements. Material Manager Without a doubt Cinema4D has one of the most complete shading systems around. Together we will find out all the details about the shader properties. Know what and where to search for things when you are creating your materials, how to apply them properly and how they communicate with each other to increase shading complexity. Shading The Scene Now that we have it all figured out, it is now time to apply it to our scene. We will build each shader for the scene with care step by step and learn how to keep the material manager organized in a way that will be easy for us to find what we want. Most importantly, we will cook a render to see how our scene will come out. Ultimate Learning System Vol 4 One of the greatest achievements in computer graphics was the ability to bring life to your creations by giving them movement, feelings and personality in a way that mimics real life. In this Volume, you will have the chance to absorb all the necessary information to start your animation projects. It is not about the principals of animation, it is about getting you speaking the animation language from Cinema4D so you don`t waste time looking for things. Navigate directly to the information you need to help you with your project. As with every other aspect from Cinema4D, animation stands out with excellent control over your scene. C4d give you the freedom to create and go wild when working with simple or complex situations. There are numerous powerful animation features in the Cinema 4D animation system, and we will guide you through them. Overview By using a pre made scene, all shaded and rigged of course, you will be introduced to the animation process by viewing it in progress. From character to environment, you`ll get a tactile feel on how to use the tools and combine them to get the right result. When we start getting in detail about the "why" and "how" you`ll be familiarized with the procedures. KEYWORDS: Cinema 4D Training, C4D, Bodypaint, Maxon Timeline This is the headquarters of everything that happens in your animated scene. To use it properly, it is crucial to understand all aspects that surrounds it, how it will connect to other features to raise the options, and how to manage the layout to keep the focus on what needs to be refined. Many other topics will be talked in here to ensure that you are comfortable with the workflow. Curve Editor After getting everything properly blocked and timed, you will be able to persist forward, to really push the limits and make everything better. You need to master this tool. The magic of splines and eases exist in a user friendly form that will lead you to the next level without a doubt. You just need to understand a few simple procedures that will unleash all those possibilities. Looping Walk cycles, balls bouncing, mechanical movements and all repetitive animations can benefit from a smart looping. Cinema4D gives you some excellent ones to optimize your work, if you need something like that. We go over all options for cloning and looping keys inside the timeline and Curve Editor. This will allow you to choose wisely which ones fit best in your project. User Data Definitely one of the most versatile features inside Cinema4D. Learn how to animate them, how to change them, how to create your own custom sliders inside your projects. Learn what they are and how they can help you achieve what you want with less clicks in an organized interface that can be trigged whenever you want. Constraints You will be introduced to the constraint tool. The opportunity to free your mind from the natural usage so that you can connect features together with the purpose of simplifying complex ideas without compromising the quality or functionality of the system that you want to build. xPresso These are golden tools for everyone that wants to get serious about advance setups for animation, particles, controllers and an infinite number of other possibilities. With concise examples and exercises, you`ll be introduced to the xPresso world without headaches and you`ll also learn how the firefly scene was built with an extensive usage of simple xpresso tags. Mocap Files Why not blend several Mocap files or keyframe animations with Mocap? This segment is dedicated to bring you another xpresso adventure! We`ll build a expression to blend multiple Mocap files in anyway you want, arm from one file, legs from another and so on. It will be a smart retarget with any number of controllers that you want using only xPresso. Ultimate Learning System Vol 5 What's left to do after putting your heart and soul into designing, modeling, UVing, texturing, animating, and lighting? The answer is rendering! Now it is time to put all your efforts into an image or sequence of images. This is where the end of the line is for the CG artist and the post processing begins. Your skill level will determine how much post is actually necessary. With the best collection of scenes on the training circuit, you will learn how to take full advantage of the most desired features apart of the Cinema4D render engine. Create your scenes with fearlessness. Explode the realm of possibilities and then let cmiVFX show you how to optimize your scenes for fast, accurate, life-like renderings.Learn how to get crystal clear renders without flickering. Often, we see that in GI or Caustic Effects. Control everything with precision by learning what all the settings do. We will help you expand our horizons and set your creativity free, without the weight of technological monkey on your back. Preferences One of the most important things to know when you are about to render a scene is how to find the best settings to improve speed without compromising the final quality of your work. In this segment you will understand the meanings of each option inside the Preference panel and how they affect each other and the rendered image. KEYWORDS: Cinema 4D Training, C4D, Bodypaint, Maxon Advanced Features Global Illumination, Caustics, Ambient Occlusion, Post Effects like Motion Blur, Depth of Field and several others! All of these belong to the amazing set of features inside the Advance Render System. Learn how to get clean GI, smooth Caustics, grainless Occlusion images. All the tricks are explained to help you raise the level of your work. Picture Viewer The simple things in life are the ones that often bring us the most joy! The Picture Viewer is a deadly combination of beauty and power. A perfect tool to revise your work before you send it out to the world. From managing passes to watching for flaws in a render sequence, understand how this little tool can save you some precious time with a client. Saving Rendered Images and Passes Cinema4D is known for the amazing integration it has with the top post effect software's in the industry. Multi-pass renders are an industry standard these days. In order to be in sync with what is happening in the industry, we bring the techniques of professionals to a well explained instructional video. Whether you work on print ads or feature films, take full advantage of passes to bring your work to another level. HDR Setup HDR or HDRI, High Dynamic Range Images. Those are images with floating point data. They can be used to light your scene, add realistic reflections, refractions and also can be used with Ambient Occlusion. With this project we push the limits of reality to better engage the viewer. Learn how to get realistic lighting effects into your projects with this popular method. Mastering Caustics Why do I keep getting these weird dots? Why are my caustics so noisy? Why do I keep getting bright dots inside transparent objects, what should I do to make it work? DON'T WORRY. We are here and will show you the ins and outs of Caustic Rendering. We show what makes it work and what makes it weird. Don't waste time on test renders when we can show you how to accurately predict what to expect from tested settings. LOD Expression LOD or Level of Detail is one of the top methods of speeding up rendering and workflow processing in the VFX industry. We constructed a complex xpression that will take LOD to a whole new level. We`ll teach you how to let our system calculate everything for you in an quick interactive way. The system adapts to your scene. You won't see this anywhere else except on cmi Video! Changing Reality The art of Visual Effects is learning how to blend your 3D work with photography or live action plates, regardless if it is a T-rex , a car or a simple ball. Here you`ll get the chance to see, first hand, how to match live footage, lights and the camera in 3D perfectly. Discover how to create reality with the least amount of effort, using camera projections and photography. About The Author Michael Marcondes is a Brazilian independent artist that has been working freelance for more then 10 years. He worked on hundreds of projects ranging from print to broadcast using a great variety of tools like Maya, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, Modo, Silo, zBrush, PfTrack, After Effects, etc. He has a strong passion for the details on all matters from digital image creation. Screenshot: Download Links: http://www.filesonic/file/NDDsSDq/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part1.rar http://www.filesonic/file/s44BgOt/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part2.rar http://www.filesonic/file/FFFZAMT/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part3.rar http://www.filesonic/file/vffLSIr/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part4.rar http://www.filesonic/file/tbbrM0X/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part5.rar http://www.filesonic/file/wXXjaQa/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part6.rar http://www.filesonic/file/hqqkBMn/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part7.rar http://www.filesonic/file/gmmX8Bd/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part8.rar http://www.filejungle/f/fymTMU/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part1.rar http://www.filejungle/f/Xs5Wj6/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part2.rar http://www.filejungle/f/aWjWs9/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part3.rar http://www.filejungle/f/sKxdwn/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part4.rar http://www.filejungle/f/NnZE69/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part5.rar http://www.filejungle/f/ahNJKA/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part6.rar http://www.filejungle/f/8HMTzC/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part7.rar http://www.filejungle/f/9Dae37/CmiVFX.C4D.Ultimate.Learning.System.Vol.3.4.5.part8.rar

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