Civilization: The West and the Rest

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The author of Civilization: The West and the Rest is Niall Ferguson From one of our most renowned historians, Civilization is the definitive history of Western civilization's rise to global dominance-and the "killer applications" that made this improbable ascent The rise to global predominance of Western civilization is the single most important historical phenomenon of the past five hundred All over the world, an astonishing proportion of people now work for Western-style companies, study at Western-style universities, vote for Western-style governments, take Western medicines, wear Western clothes, and even work Western Yet six hundred years ago the petty kingdoms of Western Europe seemed unlikely to achieve much more than perpetual internecine It was Ming China or Ottoman Turkey that had the look of world How did the West overtake its Eastern rivals? And has the zenith of Western power now passed?In Civilization: The West and the Rest, bestselling author Niall Ferguson argues that, beginning in the fifteenth century, the West developed six powerful new concepts that the Rest lacked: competition, science, the rule of law, consumerism, modern medicine, and the work These were the "killer applications" that allowed the West to leap ahead of the Rest, opening global trade routes, exploiting newly discovered scientific laws, evolving a system of representative government, more than doubling life expectancy, unleashing the Industrial Revolution, and embracing a dynamic work Civilization shows just how fewer than a dozen Western empires came to control more than half of humanity and four fifths of the world now, Ferguson argues, the days of Western predominance are numbered-not because of clashes with rival civilizations, but simply because the Rest have now downloaded the six killer apps we once monopolized-while the West has literally lost faith in does more than tell the gripping story of the West's slow rise and sudden demise; it also explains world history with verve, clarity, and Controversial but cogent and compelling, Civilization is Ferguson at his very. The Author of this Book is Niall Ferguson This title is available at BookMoving on Niall Ferguson's eBooks, . Array ISBN . Civilization: The West and the . Civilization: The West and the Rest available in English. .. Textbook, course, ebook, pdf, download at bookmoving .

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