Cathe Friedrich - Body Max 2 (2006)

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The author of Cathe Friedrich - Body Max 2 (2006) is Cathe Friedrich - Body Max 2 (2006) DVD9 | MPEG2 @ 8 Mbit/s | 720x480 | AC3 Stereo @ 224 Kbit/s 48 KHz | 100 min | 7.This title is available at BookMoving on 's eBooks, 27 GB Genre: Full Body Workout, Cardio & Weight Training | Label: cathe.Cathe Friedrich - Body Max ... Textbook, course, ebook, pdf, download at bookmoving com | Language: English “Body Max 2 is a 90-minute comprehensive workout that burns fat, builds strength, enhances definition, and tests your endurance like no other. Be prepared to sweat, as the workout includes the following: An active warm up followed by a tough and energetic step routine. A Power Circuit segment where you alternate intense step aerobics with weighted leg and glute exercises. A no-nonsense upper body weight workout complete with intense core work. And finally, a much desired stretch. The equipment needed for this workout is a standard step, a set of light, moderate, and heavy dumbbells, a barbell with adjustable weight, and a stability ball.” “Certified instructor description: Nearly 100 minutes non-stop intensity — step aerobics, aero/tone intervals and floorwork. Designed for the super-advanced exerciser, it’s a true body-transforming marathon (or use the “premix” options to break it into three shorter/slightly easier workouts). You’ll begin with straight-forward step aerobics — definitely tough but not overwhelming. Then it’s power circuits — alternating intervals of step aerobics, anaerobic step blasts and standing toning (ranging from air jacks and plyojumps to wide/deep lunges and barbell-weighted squats). The ending floorwork features upper-body exercises on a stability ball plus classic ab training. Some vocal music. Requires 3 to 15 lb. dumbbells, a barbell, a stability ball and a 6-foot resistance band. Includes a 6-minute bonus cardio segment. ©2006. DVD has: 6 premixes (43 to 80-min. alternate workouts), Programmable chapters.” ...::: MY AVAXHOME BLOG :::... UPLOADED

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