Business, Marketing, and Management Principles for IT and Engineering

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n order to achieve long-term profitability and assure survival for their companies, managers must be informed, imaginative, and capable of adapting to shifting circumstances. The Author of this Book is dimitris n. chorafas. Practical decisions rather than theories hold the upper ground. Array ISBN . Business, Marketing, and Management Principles for IT and Engineering supplies the understanding required to effectively manage an organization in an increasingly competitive global market. Business, Marketing, and Management Principles for IT and Engineering available in English. ? Using case studies, the book illustrates the principles, policies, and management practices used by some of the most successful companies around the world. The real-world case studies supply valuable insight into the range of issues that confront decision makers in business. By explaining how to develop effective strategies and business plans, the text supplies both the concepts and the tools to stay on track with those plans. It also: * Explains how to evaluate the pros and cons of your organizational policies and how to effect policies for maximum synergy * Covers product development, sales, marketing, pricing, and financial analysis * Illustrates the right and wrong ways to implement the principles discussed, with case studies of hi-tech companies such as Apple, Google, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Toyota, ITT, and Bloomberg Dimitris N. Chorafas provides valuable insight garnered over half a century of advising financial institutions and multinational industrial corporations. Dr. Chorafas explains how to develop competitive products and use pricing strategies to achieve an edge over your competition. He also includes case studies that examine the price wars in the computer industry. This book supplies a realistic look into the positive and negative aspects of various policies and whether or not current practices related to forecasting, planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling have produced the synergy your company needs to achieve long-term success.

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