Biology (10th Edition)

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Title:Biology (10th Edition) Language:English Format: PDF Size:230. The Author of this Book is Sylvia S. Mader The Author of this Book is Sylvia S. Array ISBN . Mader 91 MB Description:Biology is a comprehensive introductory biology textbook for non-majors or mixed-majors courses that covers biology in a traditional order from the structure and function of the cell to the organization of the biosphere. Biology (10th Edition) available in English. Array ISBN . The book, which centers on the evolution and diversity of organisms, is appropriate for a one- or two-semester course. Biology (10th Edition) available in English. It\'s no wonder that Sylvia Mader\'s Biology continues to be a text that\'s appreciated as much by instructors as it is by the students who use it. The ninth edition is the epitome of Mader\'s expertise: Its concise, precise writing uses an economy of words to present the material as succinctly and clearly as possible, thereby enabling students -- even non-majors -- to understand the concepts without necessarily asking the instructor to explain further.

Biology (10th Edition)

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