Bioactive Natural Products

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Bioactive Natural Products
Type: eBook
Released: 2002
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Page Count: 995
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0444512306
ISBN-13: 9780444512307
Natural products play an integral and ongoing role in promoting numerous aspects of scientific advancement, and many aspects of basic research programs are intimately related to natural products.Bioactive Natural Products Textbook The significance, therefore, of the 28th volume in the Studies in Natural Product Chemistry series, edited by Professor Atta-ur-Rahman, cannot be overestimated.This volume, in accordance with previous volumes, presents us with cutting-edge contributions of great importance. The first paper presents over 100 compounds obtained from Broussonetia spp., and discusses biological activities. This is followed by similar contributions dealing with the genus Licania and Ginkgo biloba. Additional papers describe in detail a number of interesting and important natural compounds or structural classes: retinoids, tetramic acid metabolites, isoprenylated flavonoids, plant polyphenols, crocin, marcfortine and paraherquamide, acaricides, podolactones, triterpene glycosides and sulfur-containing marine compounds. An additional paper focuses on the antitumor activities of lipids, and a final contribution deals with natural product amelioration of cancer chemotherapy-induced adverse reactions.

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